Welcome to the new.


Wow, how futuristic did that sound when we were kids? I’m pretty sure I remember being guaranteed robot servants and hover cars by now. Anyway to the image.

Looking Forward - Mark Ivkovic, bang photography, York based photographer

Looking Forward - Mark Ivkovic, bang photography, York based photographer

Enough of the retrospective, I know where I’m coming from, it’s time for me to figure out where I want to head.

Last year saw a lot of changes for me personally and to my world in general, my business managed to carry on the same but I feel now is the time to grab the bull by the horns and really knuckle down to some real creativity.

As I have stated previously, I’m primarily a portrait photographer, I also create some fine arty exhibition images (more to come on that, with a couple of new projects planned for my upcoming exhibition) but my main income is generated by shooting portraits. I love my job and I enjoy working for my clients. However I feel the time has come for me to head off in a new direction with my work, I see some really great images (portraits) being shot everyday by acquaintances and many of them truly inspire me to sort my head out and start being creative again. So with the new year comes a new project, aimed at getting me shooting some different styles and type of portraits. Getting me out of the studio and in to the “wild” I plan on creating an image everyday of the year, not just any image but a portrait. I’m planning on using friends, family, colleagues, clients and most probably strangers to achieve my goal.

Wish me luck.


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