365 Portraits

Day two –

2_365 - Mark Ivkovic - York Photographer

2_365 - Mark Ivkovic - York Photographer

I’m still playing with ideas at the moment for this project, as such Lisa is having to be my Guinea Pig for a few of them to make sure I have a solid base to build on.

Todays image (s) is one I’ve toyed with before but not really very seriously, “Could the iphone be used as a legitimate portrait tool?” The reasons I’ve not really taken this thought seriously before are probably pretty obvious, I can’t really imagine my clients faces if I turned up for a shoot with only my camera phone and a couple of snazzy apps. However I think for the right style and type of shoot perhaps It could have a use. Obviously It’s never going to produce images that are going to make front covers of the glossy mags or even produce high enough quality photographs to print at any real enlargement, but It does give some pleasing results. In todays new media world where images are produced for online audiences or mobile devices the little perky iphone camera may well just be able to cut the mustard.

I think I’m going to revisit this one a few times over the next year.

If you do one thing this week, print a photo that you’ve taken, you never know when that hard drive of yours might just give up.


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