I think it’s in the planning . . . . .

Day 4 / 365 Portraits – One MILLION Dollars!

4 365 Portraits - Mark Ivkovic, York Photographer

4 365 Portraits - Mark Ivkovic, York Photographer

Don’t look him directly in the eyes! Thanks for the title Tim.

365 Portraits

Okay so this wasn’t shot today, I admit i’ve cheated a little. This image has been hanging around on my hard drive for a couple of months. It’s from a day when we were kinda messing around with lighting and poses. Despite being a photographer he also does a mean “look into the eyes not around the eyes but into the eyes” routine, classic. Anyone lucky enough to work alongside him is in for a fun-filled day. Thanks Rob 🙂

I’m starting to realise that starting a project with minimal planning or setting up of ideas can get you in all kinds of a mess. I admit I’d toyed with the idea of starting a 365 photo project after a friend instigated one last year, partly to try and give him a little support and “we’re in this together” spirit and partly to force myself to go out shooting everyday. The start of a new year seemed like a good time to get going and so ideas started rolling around in my head, it wasn’t until new years eve that I decided to alter the goalposts on myself and make it a 365 portrait project. Don’t get me wrong I’m enjoying it, it’s just that constant snowfall and minus temps are making hard to venture out to get some of those “strangers” portraits. It is giving me time to plan some styles of shot and such, along with giving me time to trawl through some really good work on flickr.

Photo geek info –

Canon 1D mark 2, EF L 24-105 f4

Shot f8 around 75mm. Four studio light set-up, Bowens Gemini 500.

More tomorrow

NB: WordPress is doing my poor little brain in today, it seems to not want to link to images properly, sorry if anyone can’t see the image above i’m working on solving the problem.

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