Day 5 – Night Lights

Day 5 / 365 Portraits

5  365 Portraits - Mark Ivkovic

5 365 Portraits - Mark Ivkovic

Flickr 365 Portraits Project link

Serious amounts of snow are falling at the moment which is putting a slight strain on my “planned” shots. As such my muse is having to put up with being another portrait for this week.
This is a slight homage to Dustin Diaz, a man who has just completed a 365 project. He was shooting some really great images towards the end so I thought I’d put a slant on his work.
This shot was achieved using only “available” light, no strobes, torches or even reflectors were used. Minimal photoshopage, just used what the street gave me.
Canon 5d mk2, ef50mm f1.8

Wow it’s taken me forever to get the blog to show todays image. I’m learning wordpress as I go along so you’ll have to cut me a little slack for the first couple of weeks if the image isn’t showing right away. Also any eagle eyed readers may notice that the blog colours change everyday, that’s due to the theme I’m using, it checks the image and auto selects the colours which are the closest match to it for the background and such (I think that’s why I’m getting lots of peachy colours).


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