Light Stalking

One of the good things about working for yourself is the ability to hand yourself some time off to work on something you want to do or learn.

I’ve given myself some such time this summer to work on my lighting.

My normal chosen arena for portraits is natural light using at most a reflector (but only at a push if I can’t find an environmental reflector). While I love working with natural light I’ve been looking at a number of other photographers work and have become inspired by some of the looks that they’re achieving using off camera flash both indoors and outdoors. Up until this point my use of flash outdoors has been restricted to minimal fill in the daytime (on very rare occasions where client needs demand it), and any studio work has been taken with bigger unwieldly monoblock flash units sticking to my tried and tested set ups (as I know they work and will get me what my client needs). I’m starting to envisage a whole new lighting ethos for me, I’ve seen some one light set ups which produce some really styled looking photographs. I’m really enjoying my “me” time, just creating, playing, exploring and learning.

One speedlight, one reflector, one happy result.

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