Playing in the fading light of day

Rosedale Cross

Originally uploaded by bang*

Rosedale Cross

Rode by this spot a while ago and my creative mind went into meltdown. For two weeks my vision for this shot has been developing and maturing in my head. I knew that I’d be getting the sunset in the background, I wanted to bring along a strobe to light the cross so that it popped out of the background, giving it more prominance.
So yesterday I headed out with my vision in my head and a bag full of kit.
A couple of hours shooting and I knew I’d not only nailed my initial idea but also found a couple of other interesting shots.

I’ve been spending time learning more off camera flash work lately and It really helped me realise my vision in this shoot. I’m going to give props to Mr DuChemin for getting me back to working with my vision and to Mr Arias for helping me out with the knowledge to figure out that I could achieve this.

4 thoughts on “Playing in the fading light of day

  1. Thanks Will, someone said they liked it so I thought it should get first dibs.
    I’m in the process of putting a little behind the shoot video together from the trip, so keep an eye out for that (well unless I find I don’t like editing video, or if it sucks, in which case I’ll be editing this bit of the comment out) 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting and for the feedback.
      Just clicked through to your site, you’ve got yourself a superb collection.
      Have a look people – linky

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