New Year, New projects . . .

New Year cliché

Originally uploaded by bang*

I figured the turn of the year was good enough time to reinstate my 365 project which came to a damp fizzle of an end last year. I figured that the placing of restrictions upon my self was one of the contribution factors to its demise, so this year it’s a free for all. Only rule is that a photograph must be taken each day. I guess it may become somewhat of a journal of 2011.
I’ve hit the running again for the last month or two, one reason was the amount of ice and snow that we’ve had of late limiting my bike time. Todays shot came about me going for a run today and seeing a number of folks running/jogging/power walking whom I haven’t noticed in the last couple of months. New Years resolutions perhaps . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I say good for them.

Camera geek info.
Canon 1D mk3
Sigma 50 1.4
Dished & grided Speedlight hard against the wall and floor, left of camera.
40th sec (get a little ambient in to soften the shadows)
f1.4, iso 100.

Todays theme tune (mainly as it’s on my run playlist and really works) – My Delirium, Ladyhawke.

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