Day at the desk

Day at the desk

Originally uploaded by bang*

4 / 365

Busy day today, first day back after the festive break with a head full of new ideas & a pretty serious (self imposed) to-do list for the week.
Accounts to get up to date, tax return to do, invoices to raise, people to call, miles to run, books to read . . . . . .
Anyway, todays shot kind of signifies the fact that not everyday in a photographers life involves being out there shooting. We spend plenty of days sat at a desk too you know (it’s just a lot easier to wander out for a coffee, or fit in a run).

Shot on the iPhone;
Lens: Roboto Glitter
Flash: Laser Lemon Gel
Film: BlacKeys B+W

(It tells me all this when I email it, handy eh?)

Todays theme tune – Beggin’, Madcon (got me through a chilly run)

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