Noir Beetle

Noir Beetle

Originally uploaded by bang*

5 / 365

Had some fun shooting this one & came out of it with some other ideas for the little music bug. I actually had 4 images from this set which I was torn between. Along with this little strobist set up I shot a few on the iphone of another of my passions which also very nearly ended up as todays shot. However they were pretty easy to reshoot for another day so they’ll turn up sooner or later. So it would seem that the adage that inspiration hits in the process of creativity has again shown itself to be true for me.
How many times have I headed out to shoot some street photography in the city only to return to have taken nothing? The answer is more times than I’d like to admit. Then one day I decided to literally just start shooting, anything, my shoes, a bench anything. I found that simply going through the process my mind started to see things that on previous visits I’d neglected. Here I think is the strength and use of my iPhone (other camera phones are available :-)) Once I start shooting with the thing, i’ll just go at it. I shot literally thousands of images with it last year and sure many of the shots are never going to be printed, but it’s a great “sketch book”. A work in progress if you will.
Anyway, this is todays shot.

Stuff people may care about ;
Canon 1D mk3
Sigma 50 f1.4
iso 100, 1/100 sec @ f2
YN560 dished and grided (rather obviously placed) triggered with RF602’s
Little reflector just above frame to bounce a little light back at the little bug.

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