Sunset Whitewashed

Sunset Whitewashed, originally uploaded by bang*.

9 / 365

Another from the little Leica.

Create : Share : Sustain

Create and your creativity will flourish. Just start, press the button and see what happens. Lighten up, go shoot.
This project is becoming something of a sketch book for my creative vision. I’m finding things which maybe I’d normally look at and think “Hey there’s something kind of cool about that” or “Look at the light over there” or “I love the pattern they create”. Now I’m firing off a couple of shots and exploring more what it is I actually find compelling about what it is I’m seeing in the scene.
My vision is always driven by asking myself what it is I actually find “cool” or “quirky” or “interesting” about any given subject, and then exploring that to tell my story. So I guess I’m saying that what you’re seeing in my 365 project are sketch images for that inner vision, I’m not playing to the masses here, this is my vision and these are my stories exploring that vision whether successfully expressing it or not.

Join me for the ride, I’m pretty sure they’ll be some fun along the road.

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