Snapshot from my life.


Snapshot from my life., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 10 / 365

A bike has finally made it into a shot. This here is my current steed of choice, she’s a Fuji track bike, I’ve had her from birth and she’s been around the block a few times I can tell you.
She likes to spend time looking at art or enjoying a good photography exhibition, sometimes she can be found outside some of North Yorkshires finest cafes and coffee joints. She has two speeds, fast and stop.
Once riden, forever smitten.

Hey It’s been a heavy accounts and tax day so I needed to let off some crazies there. It’s not all playing around with cameras this photographer life, you need a pretty serious business head if you’re planning on surviving out here in the arena.

I just liked the composition going on here, the kind of chopped in half bike look.

Info stuff.
Iphone 4, Hipstamatic (Probably with Roboto Glitter Lens, Laser Lemon flash, and BlacKeys B&W film)

Just stumbled upon a even bigger Hipstamatic fan than me. Now I have great fun with the app and love some of the images I can achieve with it but this guy has taken his love to another level. Brilliant idea – Just here

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