Giving it permanence

Giving it permanence, originally uploaded by bang*.

11 / 365

Just a little something to convey my message of getting your digital life back into the physical world. Photographs are easy to view and browse on screen, but that printed copy will always have a stronger emotional effect upon its viewer.

I’ve blogged about this before, however it’s something I feel quite strongly about, what legacy are we going to leave behind for the future? a tatty cardboard box of corrupt harddrives, damaged usb sticks and scratched up DVD’s?
We all must have felt the joy of finding an old trunk full of fading old photographs and yellowed handwritten correspondence. Allow others to enjoy that feeling of connecting with the past by printing your work, write the odd letter by hand instead of an email.

We control todays social history, lets not be the ones to leave nothing.

Anyway, I’ve had the 365 zealots calling me out for over use of the iphone, so felt it pertinent to redress the balance by using a “proper” camera today.

Canon 1D mk III

24-105 L F4

Natural Light

3 thoughts on “Giving it permanence

  1. I’m not sure why someone would “call you out” for overuse of a certain toy camera. The nerve of some folks…

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