Instant gratification

Instant gratification, originally uploaded by bang*.

14 / 365

So two weeks down.
Really got into the spirit of the 365 today after a little wander around the city picking up a few interesting bit & bobs to use in this project. After shooting a few different things I remembered my old propack and thought it’d look pretty retro against the funky paper I’d bought.
Even better, I discovered it still has some unused film it it. Polaroid 667 no less. Now seeing as this film has been discontinued for a good few years these could be the last two remaining unexposed sheets of the stuff . . . . . . . . . I’m feeling I need something special to shoot with it now (if it is still even usable as it’s been loaded for over 4 fours)
Also found I can still get film for the camera now made by fuji at around £15 a pack, so that’s £1.50 a shot. Not bad for iso3000 B&W instant.
Hmmm more to come in the future on this discovery I think.

Meanwhile for those needing more Polaroid fixings this should feed your appetite.

Shot info.
Canon 5D mkII (not much of a tech difference there eh?)
EF 50 1.8 (I think I’m liking this more than the sigma 50 . . . . .)
Natural window light.

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