Tohm – art – oh ?

Tohm – art – oh ?, originally uploaded by bang*.

18 / 365

Say it how you like, I’ll know what you mean. I actually ended up with two shots for today, so if you haven’t seen the little guy on his own, Hold On Little Tomato.

I guess todays post is about changing tastes and changing fashions. Tastes and styles change as we progress down this road of life, change is probably too strong, evolve is probably more fitting a word. So it goes in photography too, we shoot to express our vision of the subject. To tell the story and convey its emotions, how we choose. Our vision however isn’t a static thing, as we learn more it shifts, a little extra life experience and it flows into a different vision.

The same applies to the style of our photographs, I’d say I’m getting a grasp of my style but having figured it out, I realise it too is a moving and evolving beast. Not something to tie me down to a specific look but more something to guide me to my final expression.

So play, experiment, shoot with your lens on backwards, mis focus, give it some “fashion tilt” (or don’t actually, well not without good reason). This one was shot with the 50mm unattached from the body but held within the lens mount to give a little tilt-shift / macro effect.

But why the tomatoes? Well I couldn’t stand the things when I was a youngster, ketchup yup, squishy red balls, nope. Now with passing years I’ve found I’m quite the fan of a fresh tommy or two, just not those plum ones from a tin. See my taste hasn’t fully changed, just evolved through trial and error.

Canon 5D mkII

Sigma 50mm f1.4 – Wobble mounted

Window Light.

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