“untitled”, originally uploaded by bang*.

19 / 365

A little window to my vision today.
After yesterdays sermon on evolving vision & style, I thought I’d shoot something a little different today. It’s still falling within the boundaries of my “style” & “look”, yet is a pretty darn different approach for me.
As I mentioned in yesterdays post I’m getting to know my style (after years of trial and error) and I’m finding too that this 365 project is stirring my creative muse even more. The creation of this shot came about through me trying some ideas for an upcoming commission, there were a number of different set-ups and the studio is still covered with strobes, pine cones and paper. Eventually I decided a natural subject deserved natural light, so that is what it received. I got a good hand full of really nice arrangements which may make it onto my flickr page in the next few days before they head off to my gallery collection.
I also felt that it was strong enough to live without a name, do feel free to give it a name though if you wish, I’m open to suggestions.

Remember folks, it’s the why not the how.

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