Faded Glory

Faded Glory, originally uploaded by bang*.

20 / 365

Faded Glory

Or if you prefer, the other shot I did for today Inevitability.

I was clearing up the mess of leaves and bits after yesterdays fine art attack and this little fellow just looked so forlorn. It’s the same leaf which featured in the shot I posted yesterday. I’d left it on the mantle in the little urn and overnight it just gave up the fight and withered.

Both of the shots posted for today were shot on the Lenbaby Composer I’ve just taken delivery of. After shooting with some tilt-shift lenses late last year I became interested in differing planes of focus and “sweet spots” of focus. The little Lensbaby allows me to play around with the field of focus point to a ridiculous degree. I’m still exploring the thing so expect a few more from it in the next few days as I learn and adapt to it’s quirks. I’m loving what I’ve seen so far. On that point check out some beautiful fashion shots achieved with one in this video from Ella Manor.

2 thoughts on “Faded Glory

  1. Went for the basic composer kit, it includes the double glass optic & aperture rings. Maybe after a little more play I’ll put a review together 😉

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