22 / 365

22 / 365, originally uploaded by bang*.

22 / 365

I’d shot a few more leaves earlier in the day with the lenbaby but didn’t really want to post another from that set. So that left me with a situation at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon, sun pretty much gone and a meet up with friends taking up most of the evening.
Amazing what the mind comes up with when it has too. Grab a strobe and stick a gridded dish on it, grab the softbox for a back light but stick a red gel on it. Sprinkle in a little creative magic and hey presto, one pretty cool shot if you ask me. N’ah I jest, I saw the shot in my head first and thought it’d be worth trying to see what would happen.
I did a workshop by Jeremy Cowart a month or so ago on creative portraiture and ever since I’ve been picking up little bits & bobs to work with and try out some crazy ideas, some work others don’t. That’s the fun of true creative work, it isn’t always going to work.
I guess you can tell that I consider this shot as “working”. It’s what I saw in my head as I went about rigging up the set and lights, and seeing as It needed about 2 mins in lightroom to finish off, I’m really happy at achieving my vision.
I know I bang on about “vision” a lot on here, but to me that’s the thing that drives me in photography, achieving & expressing my vision. Creating a photograph which completely conveys what I saw in my mind when the creative part of my soul sparked with an idea.
I’ll also repeat a point I’ve made before too, the act of creating fuels our creativity. Stuck in a rut without any inspiration, just lighten up and shoot. Play, experiment and see what happens.

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