Wound up.

Wound up., originally uploaded by bang*.

28 / 365

Week four comes to a close.

Strange how by doing this project I’m becoming more aware of the passing of the year. Four weeks in already, wow.

Anyway, to todays shot. Ever have one of those days when one person really rubs you up the wrong way? You know kind of in your face rude. Then they try their damdest to ruin whatever it is your trying to achieve. Guess who had one of those days today? Yup, so how glad was I to find this perfect subject for todays shot while I took a calming bike ride in the setting sunlight this afternoon.

Anyway the job got shot, the client loved us, and as for the annoyance, I’ve vented that anger via my legs during my ride (sorry legs).

I was going to try something else for today but really needed my ride so I downed a quick latte when I got home, grabbed the Leica and headed out around the country lanes into some of the most beautiful light I’ve seen for ages. Ahhh zen is a track bike, silently rolling, nothing but the wind and roosting birds for company. I’d seem some really sharp lines in the fields made by ploughs and the low sun but couldn’t find any that properly lined up for a strong black & white shot Then as luck had it I saw a plough by the entrance to a field with some really big springs on, bingo! Todays shot.

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