Lost for Words


Lost for Words, originally uploaded by bang*.

Well it’s Sunday again so time for a little relaxing to recharge the body and soul. I’d planned to get a cheeky bike ride in this morning, however I’m not one for riding on really wet muddy country lanes just for the sake of it (well not anymore) so gave it a miss. Hence the earliness of todays post.
I thought it might be interesting to try some visual storytelling, or visual narrative if you please. I had a few ideas pop into my head yesterday for images that visualise a phrase or saying, here is the first of what might be a little set over the year of such photographs.

This one proved to be a nice gentle Sunday tester of my ability to balance natural light & flash for an all natural look.

Set up (for the folk who dig that kind of thing) –
Back light and main light via big window in the background.
Reflector camera right for a little fill to the tile rack.
Flash through brolly camera left high. 1/64th power & gelled 1/4 CTO to keep things warm and fuzzy feeling.
Canon 5D mkii with Sigma 50mm f1.4
1/50 @ f1.4 @ iso 200
A little post production to make seven blank tiles as you only get two in the game.

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