Lone Tree, No Hill

Lone Tree, No Hill, originally uploaded by bang*.

35 / 365

My first landscape of sorts for the 365 I think.
Driving home from todays shoot I was thinking about what I was going to use as my 365, when I just opened my eyes to the possibilities.
The title by the way is a little “in” joke evolving from lone tree on hill photographs.
The North Yorkshire Wolds are a pretty beautiful place and the light was giving that storm brewing kind of look, strong winds, pools of sun running over the hills and black clouds above. I figured a landscape shot would be a nice change for a friday. The problems being that the lenses I had in the bag were the 70-200mm on the 5D and the 50mm as backup. Not really what I’d call my dream landscape kit, however I do enjoy using a nice long lens for landscapes now and again, it makes you rethink the whole process. Plus I can honestly say It i’d only had wides in the bag I wouldn’t have shot this frame as the foreground lines in the field just wouldn’t have been the same.
The wind was pretty fierce and even at 1/800th of a sec shutter speed I was concerned with camera shake hand held, luckily old sturdy hands pulled through.
I loved this frame as the sun was chasing towards the tree from foreground to background, I pretty much knew it would be a rocking black & white landscape, it was just a matter of not getting blown over in the process.

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