Red Enough?

Red Enough?, originally uploaded by bang*.

46 / 365

I had something else in mind for todays shot. I’d shot a few more telephoto landscapes at a location I was scouting for later in the year.
Scouting locations for jobs / shoots is always a funny business for me, take today for example. I’m out in the middle of nowhere stood in the howling wind atop a rock formation, freezing and looking at the rain coming in. Now the idea I have lined up to shoot here requires none of those conditions, I’m wanting golden hour light, a warm summers / autumnal evening feel and just a breath of wind. It’s a good job I’m a visual person with an imagination, I’m sold on the location and fairly certain I can set up a shoot for a few months time, which I’m happy about as I’ve had this idea rumbling around my head for a while and things are starting to play out. Stay tuned later in the year for more.
As to todays shot, well after warming up a little in the car on the way home I drove by this rather bright location. I figured it’d make a nice 365 along with going in my places to remember book.

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