50 days of project365

Brunch, originally uploaded by bang*.

50 / 365 – Brunch

50 days of 365 goodness deserves a tasty snack. Yum yum chilli scrambled eggs on baby spinach over brown toast, finished with a glorious helping of HP sauce. To think I was going to go to Coffee Culture for a bacon sandwich instead.
Enjoyed with fresh coffee and a little musical inspiration by Head like a Kite.
It’s been a frantic week around here, mostly not involving me but the energy and dash has been hard not to get sucked into. I figured before finishing up my (now well overdue) January review I’d take some time out and have a relaxing Saturday brunch. Made all the more cozy by the fact I sat in the window and looked out through the snow.
Time out over now, so without any further procrastination the Jan 365 review shall follow this post.

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