Cycle Chic

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Cycle Chic

Feeling a little generous today so I’ve put a diptic together. I had no plan what I wanted to shoot for todays image, well that’s not entirely true, I have a wide angle, 10 sec f22 exposure city shot I want to take but I’m waiting on the weather for that one.

So I loaded up the 50mm on the 5D and headed out into the city. A few things caught my eye, two pigeons roosting high on an aged building facade, some funky side alleyways, A traffic sign (random eh?) and some bins. Oh yeah and a papered out shop window during a refit, only the paper they used is Christmas wrapping paper so It just says “Is this for me Santa?” repeatedly over the windows.

In the end though you get a shopper bike.

I wanted more of a filmic look to todays shot, I’ve been on a slightly nostalgic trip for the film days of late. I’ve very nearly bought a Voigtlander Bessa on a number of occasions just to shoot some 35mm colour reversal film. So in that regard I’ve gone for a slide film look here, smooth & creamy, neutral colours, with just a slight warm tone. It’s not a million miles away from what I consider my “normal” look so that probably explains a lot.

I found a great website that runs down the strengths & weaknesses of films from the past, for anyone wanting to try and get that filmic look back it’s worth a read. It also has reviews of a load of other photographic equipment, I’ve never looked at anything but the film reviews but it may have something of use elsewhere too.

62 thoughts on “Cycle Chic

    • I’ll be honest, I think I might have made the word “filmic” up. It works though. I’d say give it a go though, hark back to old tech and feel some nostalgia.

      • No no, it’s a word!

        What excellent photos. Another great example of the difference between a prosumer and a professional. I think..

      • You know what, at first that light mount really bugged me in the image. Now though I think it adds a little juxtaposition & contrast. So maybe that’s the old school / modern vibe that B. C. is feeling.

  1. Very nice picture! I live in Cambridge and the amount of bikes I have seen since moving here has made me view them as somewhat mundane and boring, but your picture’s great, somehow you’ve made a bike look beautiful

    • I know what you mean but I think that is sometimes part of the joy of photography, finding the beauty in the small details, seeing things differently. Thanks for the comment.

  2. that’s a neat classic bike! i’m a beginner photographer learning on my dad’s old 1982 nikon FM2 and 50mm f/1.8 lens. have yet to develop my first few rolls, but i definitely enjoy the look that only film can capture.

    • Ahh the Nikon FM2, I spent my early days with one of those. Then when I was first employed as a staff photographer my kit consisted of two of them. So you have yourself a good tool to learn the art and craft of photography there. Enjoy it, you’ll struggle to ever find a digital camera which will take so much abuse and still keep on working.

  3. I know nothing about the adjective “filmic,” or much of anything about photography. I do know, however, that this shot is truly beautiful.

    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  4. Thanks for the kind words everyone. It’s interesting to read your comments and feelings on my photographs. I’m very humbled.

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    Thanks Again

  6. I believe that details make up the whole of any item/person that is photographed. Very nice job. I however would hop over to France with it and fill that basket with some fresh french bread :). I like your website pet portraits, they are really great. Congrats on being freshly pressed. It is fun to have so many people view a post.

    • It’s very kind of you to comment, it is a pretty cool looking bike. I just had a sneaky look at your blog and it made we wish I lived in Seattle, mmmmmmmmmm cupcakes!

  7. Lovely photo. I love the organic lines of the basket versus the metallic shine of the bike contrasting against each other. They are at the same time competing and complementing each other. very nice.

  8. These photographs brought me back to my childhood in Virginia where I rode my bike (with a basket) EVERYWHERE. Congratulations on being Fresh Pressed!

  9. Nice! I rarely see bike baskets like that these days (or even bikes for that matter, since everyone here uses a car to travel). I agree with the previous comment–very crisp and clear photo! Easy on the eyes.

  10. My dad has an old Nikon SLR, I’ve begging him to upgrade to a DSLR for a while now. Lately though, I’ve kinda fallen in love with old-school, B&W photography and I’ve been thinking about getting an old SLR myself,any suggestions??

    • There are plenty of good ones really. I’d say nothing too fancy, just a simple built in light meter is all you need technology wise. Nikon FM2’s, the old Canon AE’s, many people love the Olympus OM’s and for good reason, all of these were built to last. Personally if I wanted something to run alongside my digital kit I’d get an old Rangefinder. Different from SLR’s but perfect for b&w film. Or for a fun retro look, go search for lomography stuff, plenty of old Russian plastic cameras for that kind of thing.
      There is a bit of a film resurgence at the moment though and prices are slowly going back up on alot of old equipment.

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