Porteur, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 53 / 365

Still managing to hunt out bikes in the city. I found this green machine hanging outside the Library, I liked how all of the colours work within the frame, oh and the cork grips (tres chic).
Oh yeah, for those not of much of a bike background Porteur is what shape the handbars are, a relaxed, warm summers day, cruising down the river with a picnic & bottle of red in your bag kind of thing.

I’m having a little experiment along with the bike hunting. I’m in the process of clearing out a lot of old / little used gear and along with that I’m thinking of dumping my 24-105mm L. She’s a great lens don’t get me wrong, it’s just I don’t use it as much as I used to. Most of my portraits are now covered with the Sigma 50mm or the Canon 70-200mm. My interiors work can be shot on the Sigma 50mm and 12-24mm. So I’m looking at something in the 35mm range to fill the gap that would be left. To be honest the choices aren’t all that astounding as I’m a full-frame boy. Canon 28 f1.8, 35 f2, 35 f1.4. Now one of these lenses has a rather unfair advantage over the other two, in that it’s been on my wish list for a couple of years. People with some understanding of the Canon lens line up will understand why it’s been on the wish list for so long (price).
So anyway to my experiment, the 24-105 is currently sporting a lovely ring of gaffer tape around it’s barrel keeping it firmly set at 35mm. Just to see if I can make do with the field of vision on a day to day basis, so far i’ve discovered I’d like a shallower depth of field (my only gripe with the 24-105 when used wide) Although on this shot I’m happy with it.

8 thoughts on “Porteur

    • Classic bikes do have something about them don’t they.
      I think it was the mix of the bright green and the chrome that first attracted me to this one.

  1. what a lovely discovery your blog is.. I like your style, and I can understand the want for more DOF.. the exact same thing is making me want a 50mm.. though then I would probably want more reach. So I should probably learn how to push my 18-200mm a bit more.

    I like the idea you had of taping it to a set mm.. would be a good challenge for a week.

    Great shot overall, nice enough DOF, good tones, colors, and the composition is just right for a tight shot on such a tricky subject. Perfect amount of lines to lead you all around the image. Well done
    Take care

    • Thanks Anna, the tape idea works in respect of trying out the focal length and is a good way to see how you’d work with a prime lens. I’d say if your shooting canon the 50mm f1.8 is probably the best lens you could ever buy. I always tell people who ask what lens they should buy to get one. It’s super cheap, sure it’s plastic but everyone admits it’s the best value for money lens canon make. I’m pretty sure Nikon do something very similar. The shallow depth of field you are going to get just gives you a whole new world. Although once you buy one prime lens it can often be hard to stop. I’ll check out your site and photos and leave some love.

  2. your bike shots are amazing! simple but elegant. Maybe i should start bike-hunting as well? Looks like a great subject!

    i’m a happy owner of a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8… it’s my first prime lens, and although it won’t AF on my old Nikon D40, it nevertheless still gives me awesome DOF my kitlens would never achieve! 🙂

    • That’s a beautiful lens & one I used to run with my old Nikon FM2’s. Manual focus can be a very useful aid in slowing you down photographically and making you think more about the shot and story you want to tell in the frame.

  3. Finally I remembered to look up your site after you commented on mine all those months ago, and what a treat I found (not just the bikes either). This bike is definitely my favourite – the bike is gorgeous, and so is the shot. Perfect.

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