Triumph, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 54 / 365

Ha ha, it’s still a bike right?

I couldn’t pass this beautiful Triumph without giving it some camera time. I loved this detail angle with it’s almost black & white nature. I’m still experimenting with the 24-105mm taped to 35mm. I’m happy with the focal length, but really desire the depth of field I get from the Sigma 50mm f1.4.

So yesterday afternoon was interesting to say the least. My humble blog gained some huge exposure thanks to the Freshly Pressed front page. Big thanks to the WP team for sending a whole lot of love my way. I have to admit I was feeling a little pressure to find a shot worthy for today, not to mention getting all paranoid about all this wordsmithing thing. I tend to write as I think, or as I would speak if I were to tell you face to face about the shot.

Luckily I’m pretty happy with this shot. Being my usual self-critic though, I wanted more of that red light cover. The problem including it though was the yellow number plate below which would have crept into the frame, thus removing the strength of the red in the image. So I should have moved vantage point right? well I could but then the Triumph logo would have been covered by the chrome rack. Change optics? ha ha I can’t remember, 35mm.
Ah the fun of composition, it’s just as much about what you exclude from the frame as to what you include. A mighty fine photographer who is much better in the art of expressing himself with words has written at length about this very thing along with putting a series of podcasts together about it, along with the vision thing which I tend to go on about quite a bit on here.
To be brutally true though a photographer without vision is pretty much a photocopier.

Not much in the way of post processing, just a nice “filmic” treatment again, so that’s neutral creamy colours with a nice amount of definition and pop. It helps if you get it right in the camera to start too though but you already knew that right?

Back to sifting through contact sheets to choose a batch of gallery pieces.

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