Shabby Cycle Chic

Shabby Cycle Chic, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 55 / 365 – Bike Week day 5

Faded glory, aged elegance, everyday beauty.
This one just struck me as all those things. An everyday bicycle with a faded beauty, harking back to younger days and warm summer evenings. It evoked an image of country lanes, a girl wearing a long summer dress with her hair blowing in the gentle breeze.
The matching leather saddle, white wall tyres and wire basket against the frame and chrome details made for a beautiful example of “Cycle Chic” if only a little shabby around the edges.

Canon 5D mkii, loaded with the Sigma 50mm again as the lack of depth of field I’m getting with the 35mm at f4 is starting to bug me and the Sigma at f1.4 is just bang on the look I want, no other lens I have gives me that look at the moment. I’m going to say it reminds me a little of the look from certain Leica lenses, strong praise I know.

I’ve had a number of people enjoying and sharing my bike week work over the last couple of days, so firstly a huge thankyou to those who have enjoyed my work of late. Secondly this little side project seems to have resonated with people and myself more than I had initial realised. It’s made the 365 project somewhat easier, knowing what my shot is going to be before I even get out of bed in the morning is a beautiful thing for a creative. I do feel a little like a hunter stalking the city streets for just the right bike but it’s a process I’m really enjoying. I’ll admit that ladies bikes are far more beautiful than the gents. Having said that the good looking mens bikes tend to be really expensive so I don’t expect to see them left in the street. I can feel a side project forming out of this week, and maybe i’ll continue hunting out bikes a little while longer than I intended, kind of like the Sartorialist but for bikes and cyclists (man i LOVE that site).
I’ve spent a good few hours browsing the blogs of those who have commented on here and I found some really interesting sites and I’ll try to link to some of my favourites over the next few weeks. Also one site had some really great photographs of bikes also, I love the first one of the bike against the white fence, to me it looks like it was shot with a lensbaby and it made me think about breaking my lensbaby out for this project too, so thanks for that Kerry, beautiful shots.

One thought on “Shabby Cycle Chic

  1. thanks for the link-love, it was a lensbaby… unfortunately not mine, i had borrowed it from a friend for the day, but its one of my favourite shots from the collection. Where are you finding these gorgeous bikes!? that last one with the rusty bell is so beautiful. *sigh… love bike pics

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