New Beginnings.

New Beginnings., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 59 / 365

The courier came today and we did a little swapsies, one big box out and a smaller box in. Inside said smaller box was a little something which has taken me the last five years of my career to finally obtain with a clear conscience.
Different people approach gear in different ways. Me, I’m a right tool for the right job kind of guy. If something will do the job then why use anything fancier (read more expensive). Take my old 50mm f1.8, sure it’s made out of plastic, yeah the focus motor sounds is a bit noisy but that lens is more than capable of producing beautiful, vibrant, client pleasing photographs. Clients don’t care what equipment you use to take a photograph, how much time it took you in photoshop to make it look that way, all they care about is the final image, period.
So that has always been my ethos when it comes to buying equipment, look at the options then look at my list of must dos, then buy the most appropriate thing. The canon 50mm was replaced with the Sigma 50mm as I needed something faster in lower light conditions, and I needed something more reliable in focusing.

With all this being said though, we all have a wish list of kit that one day we’d love to own. Many people ask to me, “why don’t you just go and buy it, the business will pay for it anyway?” Well yeah the business will pay for it, but the business is me and I’d much rather go buy the kit that I need and be able to pay my rent, afford a nice holiday, put petrol (gas) in the car etc. I know photographers who go out and buy all the latest and greatest kit as soon as it’s released. Guess what, you know all that second hand top end spec. gear for sale, that used to belong to those now bankrupt and out of business photographers. Zack Arias does a great workshop going over this very thing, I can’t remember the link right now and he’s mid website changeover but that guy is a rock in this industry, he’s the self proclaimed suck-sessful photographer. If you haven’t watched the film he put together for Scott Kelby’s blog a while back GO WATCH IT, it’s pretty emotive stuff.
“I’m going a hundred miles an hour down a dead-end road. . . . . . . “.

David DuChemin also touts the mantra “Gear’s good, vision’s better”. This I’m also a firm believer in, there are many ways to achieve the shot, not just by using top end gear. For pretty much all photographers our gear is ahead of our vision 99% of the time.

Yeah yeah yeah I hear you cry, what was in the blooming box?
Well I’m not spoiling that secret yet, it’s a lens as I say I’ve lusted after for some time. After years of hard work and creative development, I came to a junction in my career where I realised that I was ready for it. It has a place in my kit bag that can’t be filled by anything else. It has a look and signature that I’ve come to understand is my own.

My personal lens trinity is complete (this is beginning to sound like a film script). It’s the beginning of a new chapter for bang photography and by the end of the year a final few loose ends will be tidied up and I’ll be where I want to be. With a lot of hard work, grit, determination and luck anyway.

Also, I’m going to stop stating what I’m shooting with unless It has some basis in the explanation. I think it’s time to get back to our artist and give the geek some time off.

4 thoughts on “New Beginnings.

  1. That Arias video helped me develop my own mantra when I started to take photography seriously (and had almost no money): gear matters; just not as much as you think.

    Thanks for bringing me back to that video. It had a different effect on me this time.

    And I think I know what the new lens is. But I could be wrong. 🙂

    • “Gear matters; just not as much as you think.” that is exactly what I was trying to get at, perfect quote. I always go back and watch that video now and then and yeah it does seem to have different effects depending on your situation, I love Zacks work and he’s been a pretty big inspiration in me getting my act together these last couple of years business wise.
      I thought the lens would be fairly obvious, or at least narrowed down to three tops if people see what I shoot & where I’m planning on heading.

    • Thanks, yeah nothing like a bit of mystery. I imagine I’ll be posting something soon, maybe I have already. . . . . . . . . . .oooohh mysterious 🙂

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