Today I ventured out again.

Today I ventured out again., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 90 / 365

Wow ninety days in.

The outside!

Being stuck indoors for just one day is too long for me.

A job forced me out of my illness and bed at 5am this morning. Into the rain and two hour drive. (welcome back to reality Mark).

As I mentioned in yesterdays shots comment I was working with a strong team who had my back so all went well.

Plus the late afternoon sun came through to greet me back into York, so I figured a quick walk to find todays shot was only fair.

5D/50mm f1.4

Not much to add today as I’ve quite a bit of “officey” stuff to work through due to a couple of days out of action. Although it is April tomorrow so I guess the blog is due it’s third monthly recap. I’ve had a few ideas for themed weeks in the upcoming month or two so that should be fun, plus the weather is improving, if in a random way (much as it does in jolly old England) so the light should be more available now.

A shadow of my normal self

A shadow of my normal self, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 89 / 365

Late again but it is from yesterday.
Managed to find something to photograph in the house which didn’t require much effort or movement from my little cocoon of illness.
I’m slightly more alive today, although my collegues on todays job may disagree. Thanks for letting me pretty much coast through today chaps.

E-PL2 / 20mm (as it was within reach)

Time to reflect

Time to reflect, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 88 / 365

I thought I’d take a walk along the river to see if some fresh air would make me feel better. It perked me up a little and gave me some exercise.
I just liked the reflections at this point of the river, the figure mirroring my own solitary walk just seemed to finish it for me.

E-PL2 / 14-42mm
Hopefully I’ll be back on form tomorrow as I have a whole bunch of things to sort out this week workwise. Being sick is so inconvenient.


8:09, originally uploaded by bang*.

Days 85 & 86 / 365

It was going to occur somewhere down the line in this project that I wouldn’t be able to post one days shot until later in the week. With that in mind I figured I’d get it out of the way with a joint two day post.

8:09 – the evening & the morning.

E-PL2 / 20mm f1.7
SOOC jpegs.

Green on Green

Green on Green, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 84 / 365

The return of the bikes ?

I’ve seen this green framed bike locked up against this green wall so many times knowing it would make a really good photograph for my second bike week.
Well I’m not ready to do another bike week just yet but couldn’t leave it any longer before taking this shot.
Plus I needed something quick and simple for today as I have a bunch of frames to souce and photographs to print to put up in a local cafe.

E-PL2, 20mm f1.7

Easy Rider

Easy Rider (ODC Hobbies), originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 83 / 365

It may not come as a surprise to the folk who drop by to read the odd post on here but I’m quite partial to getting out on my bike. To me it’s the perfect way to unwind, often it’s where I come up with ideas for projects or shoots. It gives me a place where I can completely switch off from my work or time where I can think long and hard about my work. Sometimes i’m alone, other times with friends, either way I’ll always be smiling whether or not the world is smiling back at me. It’s my sure fire way to make me feel alive, banish the blues, rain, wind, cold, heat, i’ll take it all. I have happy memories from all weather from slogging away in pouring (POURING) rain (with a huge grin on my face) to lazy rides in the late summer evenings with my long shadow cast far over the rolling Yorkshire countryside.

So to that end after getting everything sorted from this mornings job I headed out into the setting sun to enjoy the gloriously unseasonal weather. That’s why all you get today is a Hipstamatic shot of my bike riding shadow (look Ma, no hands!).

See not every post is about photography.