Blue on White

Blue on White, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 64 / 365

Blue on White (or visa versa)

Colour Week
A little more blue for you.
Not much to add today, I’ve been hunting the streets with a roll of 35mm loaded in the rangefinder today also. Well the first roll lasted an hour, so this is going to be a exercise in slowing down I think.
At least I managed to get the roll processed an hour later and the camera seems to be working fine and dandy.

Roll two underway, so far on the roll;
A stormtrooper
& a cool looking Chinese tourist guy whom I had a lovely chat with about old cameras.

I kid you not, it has been a diverse day on the city streets today.
I’ll probably pop a few on flickr from the first roll later.

One thought on “Blue on White

  1. how come that you can turn simple-looking things into photography-worthy subjects? your color week entries are all like that. i’ve found my new photographer-to-look-up-to. 🙂

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