The Street & the Photographer – Documenting the world passing by.

The Street & the Photographer, originally uploaded by bang*.

65 / 365

I’ve been having a little experiment this weekend, film Vs digital. Rangefinder Vs Compact, Lordomat & Ilford Vs Leica.

I hit the streets of the city for some good old pure street photography, this is the realm of rangefinders & unasuming cameras. Not stealthy, sneaky stuff that’s not my style, but discrete, unthreatening and mostly unnoticed. I’ve a bunch of photographs to upload after this 365 shot. Then I’ll throw a blog post up about my feelings on the matter.

As to this shot, It’s my first self portrait in this 365, it’s the cliche photographer with camera but it’s done with a little grit.
This is straight out of the camera unedited, pure as the moment it was shot. Shot with the Lordmat loaded with Ilford xp2. The window adds some texture the rest was kindly added in processing. You’ll notice the funky line near the top of the frame, apparently they had trouble scanning the negs, plus it looks like the camera added a few scratches of it’s own (although yesterdays roll was scratch free).
Now back in the day I’d have gone crazy at the lab for doing such a poor job and wrecking my negs, today though I love the feel it gives, so clearly not digital. I got the prints back and the warmth just made me all fuzzy. They’re low in contrast with a slight pinky tone (The ilford xp2 is black & white film which is processed like normal colour film, so you can get it done in any high street lab but you’ll normally end up with slightly toned prints, double win).

So now I have to go and work on two upcoming blog posts;
One – February recap
Two – Do I still love film?

Here’s the film & digital photos from the weekend (plus a few from a while back at the end)

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