Every Cloud . . . .

Every Cloud . . . ., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 70 / 365

I took the chance to grab an early coffee this morning. It’s nice to sit and plan out the day in differing surroundings. I figured I’d try and find something 365 worthy on the way back & I found plenty to be honest.
Even the rain didn’t dampen my mood and without it this shot wouldn’t have happened. I’ve had this background in mind for a while now but I just saw the pink umbrella down the street and thought pink on blue would rock. So quickly ran to the otherside of the road, framed up and waited a second or two. Luckily the street is wide enough (just) to get the whole window in on the 85mm.

I seem to have been on a street photography thing of late, I’m not sure if it was brought on by shooting film on the rangefinder or what but It’s been fun. Normally if I’m shooting the streets with people in I’m working in black & white, this shot however deserved colour. Without it, the impact just wouldn’t be there, which I guess harks back to by post on colour usage for emotion.
It’s been a rollercoaster week, I started out loving my shots, went through a rough patch in the middle (which due to some very kind words I don’t feel half as bad about anymore) but I’m back in happy land now.
Some of the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a few shots from a Leica Digilux, well I thought it looked pretty and this guy raves about them, so I thought I’d give it a try to replace my DLux. Well it’s close to what I want from a camera but not enough to make me give up my little DLux. So it’s back to Red Dot for the Digilux and a sigh of relief from the DLux. Although looking at the Fuji x100 the DLux may not be safe yet.
Why am I looking for a new camera??
Well I love rangefinder cameras, there is just something in the operation & design that I love. The old school feel and control. I may have mentioned before that I have a rather bad case of Leica lust, the M9 is somewhat of a dream of mine and one day it shall be realised. Until then I long for something that will give me the joy of using a rangefinder, the portability of a compact (or rangefinder come to that), the control of an old school camera and the image quality of my 5D. Not much to ask I know. There are many micro 4/3 system cameras out there now but I just can’t get on with the small sensor look anymore. The retro styled rangefinder esque dslr sized sensor Fuji ticks more of those boxes than I’d like to admit.

Ah, such is the joy of modern technology. It’s amazing that at a certain age you realise that advertising exists, then a few years later you learn to ignore it, then many years later you come to realise that you ignoring it was all part of the marketing master plan.

Feb review coming this weekend, promise.

10 thoughts on “Every Cloud . . . .

  1. Talk about a perfectly executed shot… I even like that the umbrella obscures the first word a bit. Leaves us with enough to figure out the phrase, but it also lends in the whole idea of cloud cover. And you were dead on with your ideas in colors too, and the composition is great too, I love that you let part of the building frame the scene but did not cut that frame off.. excellent job. why should one bother with street photography when we would have to compete with such images as this.

    Happy Friday

    • Wow, I’m truly humbled by your words. Street photography is a strange beast and not something I do lots of. However by embarking on this 365 project I’ve found myself leaning more towards it, I look at lots of others work (Erwitt, Doisneau etc) and it just kind of inspires me to capture that which may pass others by, the beauty in the everyday and the ordinary.

  2. I am in LOVE with this shot. Anna, above, sent me your link and I had to sleep on this image. Waking up this morning makes it look so much better. The colors and quote are spot on, brings some cheer to a possibly dreary day. Not to mention the comp, I’m just blown away. ((I also LOVE your name, I was thinking of that name a while ago, sad to see it off the table!))Do you sell prints?

    • Thanks for taking the time to put that down in words.
      It’s always interesting as the creator of a photograph to see how others respond or relate to your work. It heartens me that it seems here that people are responding in a way that I intended, they are getting that which I attempted to convey.
      I’ve found with this project that I’m posting some work which I wouldn’t normally “inflict” on others, photographs where I just don’t feel I’ve done my duty as a photographer to tell a story or make a point (this isn’t one luckily).
      That’s what I think about when creating my photographs, What is it that I’m trying to say? What is it that draws me to the scene and what is it that I wish to convey?
      I’m a hugely committed to the vision driven style of photography, something I’ve written a little about on here, it helps me think more clearly about my intentions for the final image.
      As for the name, believe it or not I still get some grief about it from the odd old colleague. Not sure why, I guess it’s because they are of the “old” mentality where by being a photographer was all you needed to be in order to get work. These days clients expect some brand identity, at least the ones I work for do, and bang | Photography gives me that.
      As for print sales, I guess I should have something up on here about that. I sell my work via galleries here in Yorkshire but haven’t as yet set up an online gallery with dedicated sales. My photoshelter art gallery site is really used as a portfolio for galleries to see my work and select photographs the feel fit their look. However I’m more than willing to provide prints to anyone wanting one – I normally get prints done at Paper Size: 11″ x 14″ Image Size: 8″ x 11″, these are done for me by my printers in London, who print digital C-Types, so real photographic prints on real photo paper not inkjet prints. The cost is £70 which includes shipping.

      Wow, I think this goes down as my longest comment reply ever, it’s probably longer than the initial blog post now.
      Thanks again,

  3. I love this. I am sitting at my kitchen table watching the rain outside and it just seems that the shot perfected this moment. Thank you so much for the wonderful work of art.

    • I’m happy the photograph resonates with you some.
      I’m humbled by people response to this shot, it seems to have caught the general mood this week.


  4. There is a mysterious appeal to me of people walking by with an umbrella. It makes me wonder a little more about them because there are usually “hidden” by the umbrella. This reminded me of an image I had taken while enjoying brunch at a french type bistro in Virginia. I did not have any time to set up the shot as I was busy devouring their wonderful french bread and sipping a pomegranate infused glass of champagne (almost the same as morning coffee 🙂 ). Here is my post with the image: http://sophiaharcourtphotography.wordpress.com/2009/08/04/ramdom-july-images-shot-with-my-canon-g10/
    Now after reading about your 365 plan I am intrigued. Are you shooting this digitally or with film? To me it seems a little difficult to obtain and post a photo a day with film. When you shoot film what type do you use if it is color. I used to be set on transparency type film but I thought I would try color negative. I was quite displeased with the last roll I had developed and scanned. I can’t figure out if my exposure was the problem, the processing or the actual scan. The images look muddy. I used fuji pro 400H. I have more rolls to develop to try to figure out the problem. I must space out the processing since my film camera is a Hasselblad and for 5 rolls of film, purchase, process and scanning will cost almost $100. All this for 60 measly images…sigh. Would be interested in what you are using most often, film and camera wise.

    • That Duck umbrella is pretty cool. That’s the kind of thing that would have caught my eye in the street, he would be a person I’d follow for a few minutes looking for angles & shots to develop.
      As for shooting the 365, I’m not really restricting myself medium-wise, it’ll mostly be digital for the reason you said, film would make it very difficult (and expensive) to post everyday. However some will be film, probably a mix of B&W and colour.
      As for film, that’s where I started out in photography (which is starting to become one of those things which shows ones age). I learnt shooting slide film 35mm & 220, mainly Kodachrome (sadly no more) or B&W Ilford fp4 and the awesome 3200. Later in my career I shot mainly with fujifilm 35mm & 220, fuji 160S for portraits and such and the 400 when I needed a little extra exposure. All on my trusted Nikon FM2’s and a beautiful Mamiya RZ67 (followed by a less beautiful Bronica). The fuji film is lovely to work with, really nice skin tones and just a little warm. I’d say if your images look muddy it may be down to processing, that was always the thing with film, sometimes the chemicals don’t quite do their thing and colours start to go a bit weird. If you used a well respected Pro Lab then that shouldn’t be an issue though, I’d doubt it would be the scanning stage either but again depends on the lab. If you look at your actual negs on a lightbox (or hold them up to a white computer screen you should be able to see if they look okay (ie. exposed well, dark shadows and bright highlights) although that’s something that comes with experience with film too, knowing what to look for in the negs. Colour negs never really look as good as slides though. Maybe next time you shoot film take the digital along as well and shoot some frames at the same exposure just to be sure. Hope that helps.
      These days If I’m shooting film it’s just for the joy of it and i’ll be using the rangefinder. Similar issues to you with the Hasselblad, no meter full manual. I like it, it slows me down and makes me think about each and every frame. These days I still shoot the fuji 160 (35mm) as I have a good few boxes of the stuff left over from years ago (all out dated though). For B&W I’m shooting Ilford XP2 which is B&W but can be processed as normal colour film (c41) so a local lab can do it and I save a little money.
      All my paid work is digital, the immediacy and control of it outweighs anything film can offer anymore, plus if I’m shooting Heritage interiors I really need the ability to lean on the higher iso range it provides.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I hope I’ve offered something of use in my reply.

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