Unfair Advantage

Unfair Advantage, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 71 / 365

I guess one of the secrets of street photography is being aware of ones surroundings, looking for the little moments, juxtapositions or fleeting glimpses of real life.
This scene presented itself to me today, I guess to many other folks it just passed them by as they rushed to wherever they felt the urge to be. To me the comedy of the scene brought a smile, the glint in the old mans eye warmed my heart. I could go on about subtle little details but I’ll let you take from it what you will.

5D mkii, 85mm f1.2 As used by all the great street photographers in the past 😉

5 thoughts on “Unfair Advantage

    • I guess it was a combination of right place, right time, being open to what was happening around me and add to that a big dollop of luck that I happened to turn around and see them and that I had the 85mm lens on and not the 35mm.
      I think the old couple were in the cycle lane and when the motorcycle rumbled up the old guy started talking to the rider.

  1. Lovely capture. I especially love all the emotions in the image. The elderly gentleman seem to be having a fantastic time. The woman I assume to be his wife isn’t quite too sure about you photographing her and the motorcyclist seems a little skeptical of their non-motorized contraptions.

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