. . . and stretch

. . . and stretch, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 73 / 365

I hadn’t intended to shoot more street for this week, however I headed out for a cheeky coffee to go over some contact sheets so the camera came with me.
The light and feeling in the city today is that Spring is truly here. Sunshine, birds chirping, flowers starting to open and it’s pretty mild. I ended up with quite a few shots for my 365 but this one seemed to just follow what I’ve posted over the last week.
Another little bit of street humour I guess. Shot on the 5D with the more street friendly 35mm.

This bit of street photography probably came about as I rewatched a film about Garry Winogrand this morning over breakfast. Interesting insight and viewpoints but it seemed to come from later in his career at the point where he looked to be going through the motions. He’s produced many great images throughout his time but at this point in his career he came across a little jaded.

So I’m easing myself into this week (one of the benefits of working for oneself) as it’s going to get a bit hectic in the middle what with jobs, network evenings, seminars and such, but to be honest the busier it gets the more hyped I become for the work. Luckily I’ve planned out a couple of shots for the project so as to cover me in case nothing else turns up each day.

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