Fading Sun

Fading Sun, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 77 / 365

Finally some sunshine again.
Spring really felt like it had arrived again today. Second job of the year outside and this time I didn’t freeze half to death. I thought I’d make the most of the evening sun by taking a ride on the bike around the country lanes to see what I could find for todays shot. This won the prize for me so here you go.
Here’s to the Spring, and it staying around for a while (or at least the weekend).

This was shot on my new secret camera, I fairly confident I’ve found my perfect DLux replacement (shhh don’t tell it just yet).

Not much to add today as it’s Friday evening and we’ve all got things to do. Hopefully the weather will stay fine for the weekend so I can get out and give the secret camera a good test, if it comes up trumps I’ll stick a little review together. So far though I’m impressed because that shot looks a lot like it would if I’d shot it on the canon.

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