Easy Rider

Easy Rider (ODC Hobbies), originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 83 / 365

It may not come as a surprise to the folk who drop by to read the odd post on here but I’m quite partial to getting out on my bike. To me it’s the perfect way to unwind, often it’s where I come up with ideas for projects or shoots. It gives me a place where I can completely switch off from my work or time where I can think long and hard about my work. Sometimes i’m alone, other times with friends, either way I’ll always be smiling whether or not the world is smiling back at me. It’s my sure fire way to make me feel alive, banish the blues, rain, wind, cold, heat, i’ll take it all. I have happy memories from all weather from slogging away in pouring (POURING) rain (with a huge grin on my face) to lazy rides in the late summer evenings with my long shadow cast far over the rolling Yorkshire countryside.

So to that end after getting everything sorted from this mornings job I headed out into the setting sun to enjoy the gloriously unseasonal weather. That’s why all you get today is a Hipstamatic shot of my bike riding shadow (look Ma, no hands!).

See not every post is about photography.

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