Green on Green

Green on Green, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 84 / 365

The return of the bikes ?

I’ve seen this green framed bike locked up against this green wall so many times knowing it would make a really good photograph for my second bike week.
Well I’m not ready to do another bike week just yet but couldn’t leave it any longer before taking this shot.
Plus I needed something quick and simple for today as I have a bunch of frames to souce and photographs to print to put up in a local cafe.

E-PL2, 20mm f1.7

2 thoughts on “Green on Green

  1. This photo is fantastic.

    I had initially purchased the Panasonic GF2 but wasn’t thrilled with it’s image quality so I returned it. I would up getting the E-PL2 (despite my salesperson’s advice to the contrary) because of photos like this. There’s something about the colours from the Olympus PEN cameras that I love and your photo exemplifies this.

    Great job!

    • I did look closely at the GF2 as it had the 20mm lens as standard in the kit. However the design and looks just didn’t do it for me, it looks too much like a digital camera if you know what I mean. Thanks for the comment, it is a great little “everywhere” camera.

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