Today I ventured out again.

Today I ventured out again., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 90 / 365

Wow ninety days in.

The outside!

Being stuck indoors for just one day is too long for me.

A job forced me out of my illness and bed at 5am this morning. Into the rain and two hour drive. (welcome back to reality Mark).

As I mentioned in yesterdays shots comment I was working with a strong team who had my back so all went well.

Plus the late afternoon sun came through to greet me back into York, so I figured a quick walk to find todays shot was only fair.

5D/50mm f1.4

Not much to add today as I’ve quite a bit of “officey” stuff to work through due to a couple of days out of action. Although it is April tomorrow so I guess the blog is due it’s third monthly recap. I’ve had a few ideas for themed weeks in the upcoming month or two so that should be fun, plus the weather is improving, if in a random way (much as it does in jolly old England) so the light should be more available now.

3 thoughts on “Today I ventured out again.

  1. Great shot. I was talking about how much I liked pictures of old bikes on my blog this morning, and Astra Wally directed me to your blog, love the bike pics, and the other pictures too of course!

    • Thanks for popping by. Astra Wally has some good stuff too, I need to get myself some time put aside as my list of photographers blogs I need to look through is getting pretty long.

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