Punk & Pink


Punk & Pink, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 80 / 365

Man I love this shot.

I saw the dress next to the flower in the street and thought hey that’s kinda cool looking.

The rest just kind of happened.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, I’ll just have to remind myself about this shot next time something dosen’t pan out how I’d hope.

Fashion has many guises, style has many nuances, the power of colour however is universal. This is York proving itself a city of fashion for all.

Today’s shot chosen by Lisa as I was torn between three absolute belters today (not bad to say I’d intended on doing something completely different as I drove home from this mornings job.)

5D, 85mm @ f1.2

Don’t worry I’m still looking at the shot now trying to figure out what the odds would be that I’d get such perfectly matching colours on such completely contrasting subject ever again without setting it up.

West Doors Detail

West Doors Detail, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 79 / 365

I suspect it would be possible to complete this 365 project just with photographs of York Minster, in fact maybe there’s a theme for one week further down the line.
It’s one of those buildings which is easy yet near impossible to photograph well. There are so many angles (and angels) when the light hits it the stone just seems to glow and even in the rain the gothic design just comes into its own.
All that is before you even step foot inside. Plus If push came to shove I could take some 365 photographs of it from my window.

So here we are, a detail shot of one of the largest Gothic Cathedral buildings in Northern Europe.

Print sales for those unable to make it to galleries.

Just a quick note about print sales.

For those unable to make it to the places where my work is hung and for sale I’m in the process of changing my online gallery to include a shopping basket too. However this may take some time so until then I’m offering people the chance to order any of my work featured on here, in my online gallery and my flickr photostream printed and delivered, just drop me an email with the image details and I’ll let you know about payment and such.

Prints are available at Paper Size: 11″ x 14″ Image Size: 8″ x 11″, these are done for me by my printers in London, who print digital C-Types, so real photographic prints on real photo paper not inkjet prints.
The cost is currently £75 which includes shipping (unless you live somewhere really obscure when I’ll have to see what the shipping rates will be, most places are safe though).

Spring Greens

Spring Greens, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 78 / 365

A beautiful Spring morning in the city, so much light. I’ve walked by this florists a few times over the last week or two, this morning the light was being bounced back by windows over the street and it looked beautiful on the displays. I thought the lush greens had a Spring feel about them, plus the funky little bush things looked pretty in the metal bucket.

Shot on the secret camera again, oooohhhh so much mystery. It’s a lovely bit on kit, great little lens (which has some killer bokeh when worked right). I reckon with a hotshoe mounted viewfinder this could become quite a creative tool, fixed focal length (but swappable), decent sensor, really really (really) good jpegs straight out but good RAW alongside also. It’s quite menu driven but when set up it’s easy to fairly quickly change most stuff. I’d probably say that due to the fact it’s now wearing my brown leather iconic camera strap it’s joining the family. I’d expect a first impressions review tomorrow peeps, poor little Leica DLux.

Fading Sun

Fading Sun, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 77 / 365

Finally some sunshine again.
Spring really felt like it had arrived again today. Second job of the year outside and this time I didn’t freeze half to death. I thought I’d make the most of the evening sun by taking a ride on the bike around the country lanes to see what I could find for todays shot. This won the prize for me so here you go.
Here’s to the Spring, and it staying around for a while (or at least the weekend).

This was shot on my new secret camera, I fairly confident I’ve found my perfect DLux replacement (shhh don’t tell it just yet).

Not much to add today as it’s Friday evening and we’ve all got things to do. Hopefully the weather will stay fine for the weekend so I can get out and give the secret camera a good test, if it comes up trumps I’ll stick a little review together. So far though I’m impressed because that shot looks a lot like it would if I’d shot it on the canon.

Benches by Door

Benches by Door, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 76 / 365

Another drab morning weather-wise today.
I seem to be doing a lot of walking from one side of the city to the other this week which is handy for spotting these little scenes. This one is again just a few minutes from home and I guess I was drawn by the symmetry & colours all working together.

Leica DLux 4 (now it’s under threat of replacement the little leica is producing images with a much nicer look to them. Crafty little camera).
It’s probably because it keeps seeing new little cameras appearing in the office while I give them a try out, the choices are pretty huge for the person in the market for a handy, high quality, small but very usable camera at the moment. You’ve got all the new breed compacts with whistles and glitter, micro 4/3 with snazzy interchangeable lenses and the use of legacy lenses and even aps sized sensor small body jobbies. It’s insane, I’m glad I know what I want from my camera and where it has to fit in my usage roster. It’s to replace my lovely Leica DLux 4 and to a point the old rangefinder, plus it will probably be used as the always with me (so needs the small baggable factor).
I’m pretty sure I’ve found my weapon but I’ll hold back on that until I can give it a really good hammer this weekend.


Voyeur, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 75 / 365

5D / 35mm

Another spot I had in the bag for a busy day (see I told you I’d be needing them this week).
Just as well really, the weather has been pretty dismal the last two days, fog all day and really dark with it. Luckily this spot needs some flatness to the light to allow the graffiti enough exposure without totally losing the street.
I seem to be having a thing for pools of light at the end of tunnels this week.

Maybe the light at the end of the tunnel shots are something to do with some kind of realisation in my work and business. Maybe it’s from the new kit choices and a feeling of coming into the light, who knows. Often your mood affects how you see things and certainly how you shoot. If I’m feeling down then It’s highly unlikely I’m going to be photographing jolly, humorous images.
So although all photographs are accurate, none tell the whole truth (That’s Avedon by the way).
Is that really what it looked like? maybe, but it’s exactly what it felt like to me at that moment.

Lots of exciting things starting to rumble up for bang photography at the moment. These are some pretty exciting times and I ‘m getting that giddy feeling when I think of what these things could mean for my business and the goals I have set for it (and myself).

Stars Over the City

Stars Over the City, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 74 / 365

Something a little different for today. This is another from my list of shots I’ve had in my head for ages and as such it’s sat on my list of 365 shots for a while too (the list is luckily still growing). I figured it should work, I just wasn’t sure If I’d need a strobe or not for the foreground. To be honest I may reshoot it using one later on in the year but I dig the way this came out.

5D / 50mm – Bokehlicious

Not too much to add today, although I’ve been having lots of thoughts about collaboration and it’s importance in the creative industries of late, which is lucky as I’m away to a Creative Industry meeting this evening so I’ll probably have more to say about that tomorrow.

. . . and stretch

. . . and stretch, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 73 / 365

I hadn’t intended to shoot more street for this week, however I headed out for a cheeky coffee to go over some contact sheets so the camera came with me.
The light and feeling in the city today is that Spring is truly here. Sunshine, birds chirping, flowers starting to open and it’s pretty mild. I ended up with quite a few shots for my 365 but this one seemed to just follow what I’ve posted over the last week.
Another little bit of street humour I guess. Shot on the 5D with the more street friendly 35mm.

This bit of street photography probably came about as I rewatched a film about Garry Winogrand this morning over breakfast. Interesting insight and viewpoints but it seemed to come from later in his career at the point where he looked to be going through the motions. He’s produced many great images throughout his time but at this point in his career he came across a little jaded.

So I’m easing myself into this week (one of the benefits of working for oneself) as it’s going to get a bit hectic in the middle what with jobs, network evenings, seminars and such, but to be honest the busier it gets the more hyped I become for the work. Luckily I’ve planned out a couple of shots for the project so as to cover me in case nothing else turns up each day.

Project 365 – February Review

365 Project – February, originally uploaded by bang*.

Hoorah, finally as promised.

Welcome to another belated monthly review of my 365 project. Last months review was quite lengthy so I’ll try to keep this a little shorter.

I felt like I hit my stride with the project this month, collectively I’m so much happier with the photographs I created and also feel they are a little more connected in style and vision. Also it’s been a great help hearing peoples reactions and feelings towards my work here on the blog and also on flickr where I post my work. The Our Daily Challenge group gave me a few ideas for themed shots again and from that I finally got around to creating two pieces of work from an idea I’ve had swimming around in my head for a good few months – Love & Holding Hands (The converse trainer shots).
I also decided to start throwing in themed weeks, starting out with bike week. That was a crazy week for the blog and me. The good people at WordPress HQ decided to frontpage on of my bike week posts and from that I got a HUGE response to my work. It was a pretty awesome week, I was really revelling the constraints of my theme, the work seemed to be resonating with people and alongside this I was taking a pretty big creative step in the refinement of my work. That step came from the realisation and understanding of my own vision & style. I sat down and had a long think about my work, looked at shots which for one reason or another I love and at others which just didn’t do it for me. From this I decided to address my kit, or more specifically my choice of lenses. For too long my choice of equipment has been driven by ease and the “safe” route. I decided now to choose lenses which had a look, a feel, something which I could identify so that when I pull it out the bag I instinctively know what it will give. No more zooms for the time being, I like the challenge of having to work for the photograph, make it happen don’t just stand still and take it. I just find with fixed focal length lenses I’m that much more engaged with my subject, I work in a more fluid way and discover I can far better express myself with them than zooms. That’s just me and my way though, I’m not in anyway saying dump your zooms and go drop a couple of thousand on prime lenses. You need to learn what works for you and the only way to do that is by practise, experience and time.

So which shots am I happiest with?
I love my bike week as a collection and seriously intend to do more later in the year (if not a side project). I was really happy to finally make my idea a reality for the converse shots but I also really love the lone tree photograph, if only as It was taken almost on the spur of the moment. If it wasn’t for doing this project I would’ve just driven home that day, maybe thought to myself “Mmmm nice light, it would be cool to come here some time and photograph”. I had the complete wrong kit for landscape work but it all came together, I worked around the constraints and created something I’m really happy with.

Which shots am I not so happy with?
I’m not sure, I kind of like them all this month. Some stand out as different but that’s mainly due to being shot on the iphone or being unrelated to the rest. However as a collective they pretty much work together.

So onwards and upwards from here. I’ve had some really kind and interesting feedback over the last couple of weeks also, it’s always nice to get feedback. I set out on this project to challenge myself and my creativity a little, driven by the theory that the mere act of creating feeds your creativity (Steven Pressfield – The War of Art). The fact people seem to be enjoying what I create, or that they are finding something interesting in what they see here makes the whole process that much more fulfilling. I read a great quote yesterday on an interesting blog “I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares” I think to any creative that is what your true inner voice needs to be saying. Why do I do it? because I love to create.

Okay, I also figured I’d repay the kindness of those who take the time to comment or participate on here by giving out some link love once a month.

First up I’ll give some props to my good friend Will, he’s also walking the 365 path this year.

Next I’ll point you to photographer who has an eye for striking compositions and a very warm / homey feel.

Finally for this month I aim you (randomly you may feel) to this indie or self-proclaimed “anti-Guidebook” to San Diego. Now you may find it strange that a photographer from the UK would point you to a San Diego guide, however I just love the principle behind this site. There’s a humour and friendliness about the articles that are making me rethink my holiday (vacation for those non Brits reading this) plans this year.

That’s probably enough redirections for now, more in the next monthly review.

Alright so I said this would be a short review, maybe I lied a little. Here’s to March (what’s left of it anyway) so far lots of street photography, a little 35mm film action and plenty of colour to go with the B&W.