Light & Lines

Light & Lines, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 119 / 365

Another four day weekend thanks to a certain Royal Wedding (which I have to admit was pretty special) and May Day on Monday. Due to this postings may be late over the period.

Todays shot is kind of a study of light & lines, hence the name. It’s fun looking for the beauty in the mundane.

Olympus E-PL2, 20mm

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 118 / 365

Still feeling the B&W vibe, probably due to the amount of old masters work I’ve been looking through lately (well if you discount Steve McCurry’s Unguarded Moment). Or perhaps it’s just me getting my eye in for shooting with the Impossible Project film I just received. The plan is to use it in a collaborative project but I haven’t really thought through the whole thing yet. As for the 365, all is well, things are starting to flow again a little and I’ve some more themed weeks coming up to look forward for.

Olympus E-PL2, 20mm

Isao – Fixed Gear York Rider Portraits No. 2

Isao, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 117 / 365

The second from this series of planned rider portraits for Fixed Gear York.

This week it was Isao’s turn to face the camera, to do him justice the shots had to include a little of the Samson (his new ride). Hailing from Japan, Isao is with us for a year while studying Politics at York Uni. He’s overcome pretty much anything our contry has thrown at him this year including the theft of his grey Cinelli MASH and all its glorious components.
Top bloke and master of Keirin style, I give you Isao.

Olympus E-PL2, 20mm

Portrait No. 1 – Nick


Tulips, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 115 / 365

Well it is Spring after all.
The internet photography sites are blooming with a plethora of photographs of all things flowery (as they tends to year round really).
I figured I’d try something a little off beat with my version of the tulip shot, so you get a black & white study in shape and form.

Olympus E-PL2, 20mm f1.7

A step back in history – A little Olympus E-PL2 update

A step back in history, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 114 / 365

I’m still feeling the black & white vibe so it may well continue for a few more days (kinda depends on what else I find that rocks my world in the mean time).
Pretty atmospheric shot for today, just flexing those interior photography muscles, the little Olympus E-PL2 (PEN) with the panasonic 20mm held up very well indeed with some tricky lighting. The thing just keeps surprising me, although I’m not ready to sell the Canon gear just yet.
I’m still bugged by the battery on the thing but at least I have a back up one now so all is good for full on whole day shooting.
I’ve just about got the thing set how I want it, the jpegs it can produce are darn impressive (although I still shoot jpeg & RAW, and mostly work the RAW if the jpeg isn’t exactly lining up with my vision).
The camera is with me all the time now I trust it, to be honest the 1 & 5D are getting a little neglected (don’t worry the 85mm L has a project to shoot starting soon, plus the PEN can start struggling to compete in a straight up narrow depth of field fight against full frame) That said If I have the choice between carrying the Olympus / 20mm combo or 1D mk3 / 85mm L combo all day I know which one my chiropractor would recommend.

Big in SD

Big in SD, originally uploaded by bang*.

I’m pleased an announce my feature on the Yukipages. Thinking of visiting San Diego (or York) then have a dig around there are some pretty special sounding places to be seen.
Thanks to the Yukipages curator and all round good egg (hey it’s Easter time) Elisabeth for taking the SD based blog on the road.

Thinking of You.

Thinking of You., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 113 / 365

The last of this weeks window reflections of reflections of mirrors of reflections (you get the jist). It was kind of fun just wandering the city streets looking for intersting juxtapositions and abstractions from window reflections but I’m pretty much done with the idea now.

Should be some news on a little collaboration I’ve been working on with another little place on the web coming soon, so stay tuned for that.

Happy St. Georges day to anyone who is into that kind of thing. Happy Easter for tomorrow for those into that kind of thing, happy “insert celebration here” to anyone else.

First steps on my next project tomorrow, I haven’t decided yet where or when it will be shared but I may leak the odd taster now and then over the next few months or so.

Oly E-PL2 / 20mm

Everyone has Wedding Fever

Everyone has Wedding Fever, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 112 / 365

A couple of quick blog posts for today to get back up to date with the 365.

It may have somehow passed you by but there’s a Wedding going on next weekend. Some kids called William & Kate apparently, must be important as we get a day off and everything to have street parties and BBQs.
Here’s my combined 365 / reflection / Royal Wedding shot in early celebration.

Not totally happy with todays shot but it’s Friday, it’s a holiday & I have some catching up on Portal 2 before Evansville wakes up (he knows who he is).

Oly PEN / 20mm

£54.99 – The Price of (inner) Peace

Day 111 / 365

So back to this weeks side project.

This is Yesterdays shot so I’ve posted late again (I’ve been trying to make these photographs at night for the funky reflections, hence the day late postings)

It would seem that the price of peace is in fact a bargain at only £54.99. Plus they accept Visa.

Don’t forget it’s Good Friday so be good.

Oly PEN – E-PL2 / 20mm