this green and pleasant land


this green and pleasant land, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 97 / 365

Sometimes one flag just isn’t enough, I guess for the owner of these flags this was one of those times.

Just a little scene I spotted whilst taking in the late evening sun on my bike today. The light was streaming in from the low sun and as you can probably gather, the wind was giving its best. It just brought a certain song to mind (more on that at the end).
I was pretty much set on my composition as soon as I saw the long grass on a banked verge alongside the flags. It was just a matter of finding my spot and waiting on the wind for that perfect gust.

Shot on the Oly E-PL2, 20mm – as I was on the bike and it’s a darn sight easier to carry.

Oh for those not of an English Literature slant the title is taken from William Blakes Jerusalem.
For those from good old blighty you may enjoy loading up Jerusalem by the Royal Philharmonic on Spotify and sitting back for a minute or two. Those not in the mood for the proms have a listen to Cornerman by St. Thomas, just because it’s such a lovely song and always cheers me up (I challenge anybody to guess where St. Thomas are from by just listening to the song (no cheating and no prior knowledge allowed)

I know I said I’d put up more details on where my work is currently hanging for sale today. However this mornings job ran long so I didn’t get back to York in time to go and shoot my work, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that.

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