Shadows & Curves

Shadows & Curves, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 101 / 365

Shadows Week – Day 2

Following on from yesterdays more graphic image I thought I’d head into another themed week. I enjoyed my last theme week, the bike thing really made me put a lot more thought into my photographs for that week. So what should the theme be? well Spring is here and the weather is getting pretty darn nice. The obvious theme would be based around all the pretty blosom and flowers which have popped up over the last week. However I’ve never been one to follow the masses (by which I mean I’d expect flickr to be somewhat inundated with that kind of shot over the next week or two). Nothing wrong with that, just I like to shoot my own thing, personal work should be just that. So the theme is going to be shadows.
The bug was planted last week with “Between the Darkness”
So I figured I’d carry on and see what I come up with. Expect a lot of black & white, contrast and abstraction.
Todays shot carries on the week, with a bendy staircase and strong sunlight.

Oly PEN – E-PL2 / 20mm

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