Love isn’t always black & white – Notes on Inspiration

Love isn’t always black & white, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 102 / 365

Shadows Week – Day 3

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about this shot. Our chairs in the window have such beautiful backs and I’ve often thought of using them somewhere in a shot. I’m also luck in that I have beautiful natural light which just pours in through the large windows of the house. Combine these two things and this photograph is what you get, make yourself up a story, read into it what you wish, see your own meaning.

On other lines I’ve rewatched a couple of videos today which I’d forgotten how strongly they affected me on first viewing.
JR is quite honestly an absolute legend to me. Sure many photographers create beautiful work, others try to tell a story through documentary pieces but this guy just tears my heart out with his understanding of the true power of photographs. I can’t really convey in words how moved I am by his work.

As a photographer and visual artist I’ve spent many years looking at thousands (if not millions) of images. Some resonate with me, some shock, others give me the warm fuzzies, but only a few times over these years has a photograph just stopped me dead, my mind blank, my heart skipping a beat or two and the tears start to roll. JR’s work does just this. When I talk about personal vision this guy has his down, he knows what he is saying and more importantly he knows how best to say it.

Work like this and it’s effect on me is what drew me to photography. The understanding of the power of a photographic image and the desire to create something that makes people think. I know a lot of photographers (I include myself here) who need to have a long hard think about what it is they are trying to achieve with their photography. Sure we have the jobs that pay the bills and we love those jobs, it’s the personal work that I’m talking about here. This is the place where we can express our personal vision, tell our story, change the world. Strong stuff eh?

May we all be inspired to think big, take risks and just try.

4 thoughts on “Love isn’t always black & white – Notes on Inspiration

  1. I do not have the proper words at disposal in my vocabulary to express what watching that video piece on JR has just done to me. I’m definitely inspired/excited/moved and in total wonderment but there is so much more that I cant describe.
    Thank you for sharing
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

  2. I really like the picture wiht the chair, and also the video, what an amazing project. Truly inspirational, thanks for sharing!

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