Project 365 – March

Project 365 – March, originally uploaded by bang*.

March Review – 365 Project

Hey it’s only two weeks overdue.
As such It’s going to be a short(ish) recap of what I liked, didn’t like & what I’ve learnt, along with some link love to places I find interesting / inspirational etc. on the web.

March seems to have been the month of many cameras, looking over the shots I’m fairly sure I’ve shot images on seven different cameras. The Leica DLux4 has been replaced by my Olympus E-PL2 but that wasn’t before I had a play with a Leica DigiLux. I’m loving the little Olympus PEN, especially with the 20mm Panasonic lens on the front. It’s such a good looking, compact, heavy hitting piece of technology, I’ve drafted the first of an ongoing review of the camera for on here, so should be posting that in the next few days for anyone interested. Along with the compacts I’ve also shot with both my Canons, the iPhone and also (for the first tie this year) some film.
I like how because I’m shooting more, I’m having more time to play and experiment with my photography. Shooting with the Lordomat rangefinder has been fun too, after running through the first roll in about 20 minutes I settled down into a more relaxed but deliberate state of mind. Film slows me down, well fully manual cameras loaded with film do anyway. Partly due to having to take everything into consideration, focus and exposure along with composition but also partly due to the cost involved. The very descision of firing the shutter is so much more considered to me with film, not to say I just spray and pray when shooting with the digital cameras, it’s just with film you have 36 shots and each one is going to cost you. Even more so when ones car is due for a service and your preparing for it to mug you again.

I love looking at these mosaic images formed from a months work, here is where you can see if your work is united in theme or style. Is there a consistency in what you’re creating? I’m not saying that it has to for everyone, just that I feel that I have a grasp of how I want my images to look, my style, my vision. That’s something that develops over time, but is much more important than all the megapixel, iso boost, face detection nonsense that camera companies will have you believe matter.

I can feel a rant coming on so must repress it, just to say, too often we become blinded by the technology, the lust for new, the camera-geekery. Somewhere along the line a lot of people are forgot what this is all about. Now I know a lot of people go in for all these fancy features as they just want a camera that will take nice pictures of the family and places they visit. I’m guessing those people don’t really read my blog, if you do, Hi!, but also to those people it’s not the camera that takes the picture. Well actually it is the camera that TAKES the picture but it’s you the photographer that MAKES the picture. I’ll not get into the various ways one can respond to the phrase “Wow, you must have a really expensive camera to take beautiful photographs like that”. Just to say that I’m pretty certain that Michelangelo used regular old brushes when painting the Sistine Chapel and Shakespeare would have managed just fine with a pencil and paper.

Ooops that was me repressing my rant.

Also you can probably disregard what I said about this being a short recap . . . . . . . . . .



So after that little aside, down to the business of my March 365 work.

Shots I’m really happy with.
I enjoyed the colour theme, it kind of shows by looking at the mosaic that I have a respect for the use of colour in my photographs. I’m quite deliberate in my choice and usage of it, as I feel in this regard it’s impact is intensified. I guess you can describe my style as minimal, or simple if you like. I’m not the guy who is going to have a busy image with lots going on, I’m very controlled & considered in my placement of the elements within the frame (some of this is thanks to the author of said book “Within the Frame” – D DuChemin) this includes colour too.
I’ve also shot a fair amount of street images this month, I seem to have been lucky to be in the right place at the right time on a number of occasions. I really like “Punk & Pink” and “Every Cloud”.
To be honest I’m happy with almost all of my shots from this March, some really stand out to me as really good work, others just sit at the “i’m happy with that” level.
My fav of the month? Probably “Stars over the City” but saying that I can see some things I’d like to improve in it.

So what I’m not so happy with.
Again there are a couple of shots which just didn’t do it for me this month. Sometimes the image I saw in my head just wouldn’t reveal itself in the camera, other times I was just being lazy and paid for it with a weak image. Either way if these images are the price I have to pay for the shots I’m really in love with then so be it, I learnt a while ago that the price of success is quite often failure. So I’ll take ten clunkers if that is what it takes to get one beautiful photograph. If I come out of this years project with just ten photographs of exhibition quality I’d consider it a success (suckcess šŸ™‚ ) as that would be ten great photographs I wouldn’t have otherwise taken. On that note five of them are already hung on display so I guess I’m headed in the right direction.

Okay if you’ve managed this far It’s time for me to give a little more link love in keeping with last months promise.
The whole blog thing is a great way to get your work out there into the world, probably more importantly it’s a great way to meet other people sharing their work too. People who are willing to share their thoughts or a little of their time to let you know how they see things. It’s a brilliant brilliant thing, and for a creative person, has so much potential for food for thought.
This last month I’ve not had as much time as I’d like to look through others blogs, I have my list that I like to work through (it’s getting longer too). However here are three more that I’d like to share with you as places of interest;

I think I must have raved about Penny before but I just love her work and her ethos on photography. Have a dig around her older work and you’ll see what I mean. She’s a very down to earth but full of life and energy woman, plus she has a cool sounding name. – Penny De Los Santos

Okay, number two comes from my street work this month. Greg shoots so much stuff and although I’ll admit some is way better than the rest he is forming one hell of a body of work. Not sure how he’s going to make any money out of it but that isn’t always the goal is it. – Just What I See

My last is a little different, as I said these are places of inspiration for me. My inspiration comes from many places and takes many forms, a lot of times it comes from within after my mind has had chance to consider all that I have given it. However, much like the JR video from yesterday, sometimes I see something that makes me reassess things, makes me want to DO something. So here we are, the DO Lectures, lots of great stuff on here and LOTS of thought provoking ideas – The DO Lectures

So what’s the plan headed forwards?
Well it’s already half way through April, day 100 has been and gone. I received a really nice email yesterday with a very interesting idea in it (more to follow, as I haven’t even replied yet). I have some good (well I think they’re good) ideas for other projects formulating in my head, a possible workshop coming up, exhibitions and some pretty good jobs in the pipelines.

Thanks again to all those who have taken the time and left comments on here over the last month. I love your input, your thoughts and the fact something has compelled you to share those with me.


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