Day 109 / 365

Day 109 / 365, originally uploaded by bang*.

Carrying on with my little side project / theme.
Back to the black & white as to me that’s how I saw these when I took them. I just love the layers that are created in these shots hence why I’m spending a week exploring the subject.

On another note, I have another project I’ve wanted to do for a while that keeps bubbling up in my mind (it’s nothing to do with shop windows though). I guess that it really is a true personal project, yet it’s one that I’ve never really dared approach. I guess the fear of failure is always with me on these kinds of things, maybe the fear of rejection too. Maybe these fears are manifest from the fact I’m not 100% clear in my mind as to why I want to shoot the project, we’ll see.
So why am I writing this on my blog, why tell you I have something I want to do but am too fearful to do it? I guess my thinking is that once the idea is out, I have to act. By sharing the fact this is something I want to do, I in turn create an expectation in myself to do it. So you see the reason I’m telling you is because the only way to develop in this craft is to push your boundaries, get out of your comfort zone, take risks. I have a vision and I guess the fact it keeps bugging me is a sign that this is something I must do. Not for financial gain, not for recognition but for personal growth, to explore my photographic vision and tell a story I feel deserves to be told.

So todays lesson is just that, listen to that voice in your head, the one telling you that something is worth doing. Take risks, get out of your comfort zone.
So what if we fail, as Susan Jeffers said ”You’re not a failure because you didn’t make it. You’re a success because you tried.”

If you have a project or simply one shot you are just dying to take but can’t bring yourself to “Feel the fear but do it anyway”. Why not take that leap of faith, trust in yourself and your abilities.
Let me know if you do, we all need the support of others, we don’t have to know what you want to do, just that you’ve made the decision to do it.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back to photography rather than trying to start a self help group. It’s just that working and living as a photographer is so much more than lenses, f stops and shutter speeds.

3 thoughts on “Day 109 / 365

  1. Excellent shot. Keeps my eye motivated and looking around at all the different details you have captured.
    I actually had a conversation last night on my fear in photography. For me it’s shooting people (hence the lack of them on my site) but after that conversation and now you mentioning breaking through barriers here I think its time to face up to mine and just do it. Any tips?
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

    • Hi, and thanks.
      Tips? well I guess you know it’s something you want to do and you know it’s just a matter of facing your fear of it, so that;s a great start.
      It depends on what kind of portraits really. Street portraits, proper street portraits and not sneaky sneaky sniper style grabs of people on the street are a pretty scary thing to do. However it is also pretty exciting and a great learning experience, I find that actually not that many people say no, or those that do say it in a nice way. So maybe if it’s street portraits your could start with street vendors or street performers (it may cost you a bit of change but it gives you an in).
      If it’s straight up people portraits then friends, family, friends of family, class mates, work collegues all become good opportunities. It’s easier to approach somebody you already know and just say “Hey, I’m doing a photography course (even if you’re not) and we’re doing portraits of people, would you mind if I took a few photographs?”. I’ve even used that doing street portraits and believe me it seems a good reason to people I ask. Sure it might be telling a white lie but aren’t we all always going to be photography students? I think the day that I have nothing more to learn about photography is the day I will retire.
      Good luck with taking the next step, what’s the worst that could happen? They say no, pft big deal, move on & ask another.

      • Excellent, thank you. I have never really known what to say and that has always been a down fall of mine but the information you have provided is excellent. I will put it into practice, see what results I get.
        Thank you
        Much Love
        Astra Wally

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