Everyone has Wedding Fever

Everyone has Wedding Fever, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 112 / 365

A couple of quick blog posts for today to get back up to date with the 365.

It may have somehow passed you by but there’s a Wedding going on next weekend. Some kids called William & Kate apparently, must be important as we get a day off and everything to have street parties and BBQs.
Here’s my combined 365 / reflection / Royal Wedding shot in early celebration.

Not totally happy with todays shot but it’s Friday, it’s a holiday & I have some catching up on Portal 2 before Evansville wakes up (he knows who he is).

Oly PEN / 20mm

2 thoughts on “Everyone has Wedding Fever

  1. There’s a holiday wedding coming;)? I unfortunately won’t be able to attend since I won’t be in Europe until the fourth of May (and the sarcasm continues). Once I moved to the states I liked to pretend they celebrated my birthday, which is on May 26th, because they have an American holiday called Memorial Day which always caused me to enjoy 3 day weekends on or near my birthday. I thought I would share this American mobile phone commercial of what the Royal Wedding may be like for you to either have a good laugh or to recoil in horror, the choice is yours;): http://youtu.be/Kav0FEhtLug

    • Yeah that video has been doing the rounds, a lot of the branding / creative review media slated them for trying too hard to create a viral video using another persons idea (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-94JhLEiN0). I guess it’s just a bit of fun really, plus it gives all the lookilikey celebs some more work. The best thing about the whole wedding is seeing the many ways in which people are trying to make a fast buck out of it, I might have to go and pick up my official Royal wedding teatowels and doormat later.
      Thanks for the share though, here’s looking forward to your personal 3 day weekend next month.

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