Up on the roof

Up on the roof, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 123 / 365

The fact I made it beyond a third of the way through the project seemed to pass me by the other day. I have though so there we go.

It’s been an office day today, invoices, accounts, filing, post, paperwork, that kind of thing.
Although I am looking forward to getting my teeth into some new ideas I have flying around in my head soon. Also have the possibility of some (more) kit refinement to do but i’ll have to think on that some more.

Well it’s May so I guess I’m due an April recap soon, plus I’m putting some more thoughts together for my ongoing Olympus E-PL2 review.

Roof tile funkyness for today though.

Olympus E-PL2, 20mm f1.7

4 thoughts on “Up on the roof

  1. LOVE it. Hard comp to pull off but I feel you did it well. Great tonal range, and I like the burning (you most likely) did. I’m a sucker for structure/texture BW.
    Well done, I have been watching just not a ton of time to comment. You have done some really nice shots lately (no surprise though lol)
    Take care

    • Thanks for popping by the blog.
      I was just struck by the repeating pattern with as you say the texture.
      Loving some of your Dog photographs by the way, rwoof, adorable.

  2. It is just a roof but how interestng it could be when cropped right way and taken from the right perspective.
    It looks a bit like wide angle crop or stich up of few images. ( vertorama)


    • Thanks my man, I think the look you’ve picked up of a wide angle crop is one of the quirks the 20mm lumix prime has on the Olympus PEN. The crop factor works out at x2 so I effectively end up with a 40mm view crop from a 20mm lens (both of which are rather odd focal lengths for me to “see” in if you ask me). So it is possible to get some of that wide angle drama with a tighter crop if needed, I’m kinda thinking of going back up with the 12mm on full frame though . . . . . . .
      Looking forward to seeing more of your “Real People” project, good luck with it.


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