Step by Step – The Olympus PEN kit is complete.

Step by Step, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 127 / 365

More street shooting for today, just a little more abstract, so I guess that’s combining two of my popular styles. More rain to contend with too, so a second verification as to the E-PL2’s resistance to the wet splashy stuff.

Olympus PEN (E-PL2) 20mm f1.7

To be honest I shot a whole load of stuff today as I took receipt of my VF-2 this morning. What is this oddly named device I hear you cry, well it’s the one thing the PEN doesn’t have which for me it really really really needs, a viewfinder! Yup I’m a photographer who just has to be able to put a camera up to my face to frame quickly and properly. I guess it comes down to the feel of taking a photograph too, everything else is removed, it’s just me looking at the world through my frame. Don’t get me wrong composing on the rear screen of a camera has it’s benefits, plus I love shooting with my iPhone but to feel completely at home with a camera I need a viewfinder, that’s just how I roll.
What a great piece of kit it is too, it’s an electronic beasty so everything which would normally be displayed on the rear screen can be seen in the viewfinder, plus it tilts up 90 degrees so I can have a waist level looking down finder too (now that really takes me back to my old cameras, mmmmmmmmm medium format).
My PEN is now complete (well at least until that fast 12mm prime comes along). The whole kit is so small I can just throw a lens in my pocket and the camera over my shoulder and that’s me. They could sit there all day and go mostly unnoticed, that’s the kind of camera I’ve been after for a while.
My honest advice is If you have any of the micro 4/3 cameras and haven’t experienced shooting it using a viewfinder, go and track down a camera store that stocks them and give it a try. See if you can borrow it for a day and see if it’s your cup of tea. For me (and a lot of other users of these systems) it’s completed the whole thing, a very competent, compact, lightweight alternative to my dslr kit. Perfect for street, travel, everyday, always with me, art, experimental photography. All that and I don’t get a penny from Olympus in sponsorship.

3 thoughts on “Step by Step – The Olympus PEN kit is complete.

  1. Very nice kit indeed!
    I just got myself the PEN E-PL2 with the two lenses (14-42 and 40-150) and I am craving for a viewfinder.
    Only issue is the price. I’m an amateur and I find it hard to justify, but I’d really love one.

    Anyway, been following your posts since I was looking for a camare and been focusing on the E-PL2. What an amazing camera.

    • You’ve got yourself a good camera and lenses to cover pretty much anything you’d want to photograph. Honestly I don’t use my 14-42mm anymore, I just have a thing about not using zooms, I like my “one view to rule them all” kind of thing. I’ll probably pop another bit of my ongoing review up in the next few days which may make you want to go and buy more kit 🙂
      However I’d say stick with what you have until you know what it is it doesn’t do that you want it to and then look at what is available to solve the problem. For me it was the viewfinder, maybe you’ll come to love using the rear screen and have no need for one.

      Mostly though I’d say go play, explore your photographic vision and ultimately enjoy the camera.

      • Yeah I know it’s a pretty damn good camera and I can’t wait to know her more (particulary now that we’re close to fligh to the West of USA for a road-trip along California, Nevada, Colorado and Utah!)

        I will see what I am capable of with what I have and hope someone will solve my viewfinder problems on my upcoming birthday 😉

        I may end-up with the VF-1. I just need to frame things in it, no need for the menus in it. For those the screen is more than enough (I already configured the Video button to shut the screen off).

        Will see. Thanks for the hint and enjoy your day.

        Looking forward to read your upcoming bit on the camera

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