Looking out

Looking out, originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 144 / 365

Hey look some colour work!

A simple window shot for today, it’s been a while since the last one, this time though it’s a Jpeg straight out of the Fuji X100. I told you it has some lovely colour rendition.
Get your settings and exposures right, give it some nice light and bingo, straight out of camera goodness. No lightroom for me today.

It’s always interesting to see how different cameras deal with light. In the golden days we chose our film to give the look we so desired, these days we can alter a few settings and fine tune the colour in camera to do the same. Initially I found the X100 files a little green, not so much to make you think hey that photograph is green, just a tendency to favour that part of the spectrum. Anyone who has been around my work long enough should realise that I prefer a creamier tone to my work. Again not so much as to make you notice, just a certain warmth, a je ne sais quoi. This shot is tending more to my taste and look.

2 thoughts on “Looking out

  1. Nice. And no LR is always a good thing! Yes, I have noticed that lovely creamy “something” in your work, and must admit that it draws me in, welcomes me to your images. Love it.

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