Velo Style

Velo Style, originally uploaded by bang*.

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A little bike action for the X100 for today. Loved the light and colour working together here.
I’m really enjoying the new Fuji camera, some love it, some hate it, some hype it, some dis it. Me I’m just engaged by the way it makes me work. It’s quirky for sure but maybe that’s part of its charm.

Fuji X100

The weekend approacheth and I have some time next week to get my online art print galleries updated and the online purchases set-up. All being well It’ll be up and running early next week. If you have any favourite shots from my project that you think would make good prints then let me know and they’ll get considered for the gallery too.

7 thoughts on “Velo Style

  1. I’ve really been looking at getting the x100 for a lot of the same reasons you seem to like it…but as I’d be buying it online (no store in town has em) I have a question, por favor. Have you noticed any issues with the manual focusing ring? A lot of reviews have said some not so great things about how it doesn’t really engage well and seems to spin around forever with little change. Have you noticed that?

    • I feel it’s going to be a love it / hate it camera. If it fits your style and way of working you’ll mostly love it, if not then you’ll mostly hate it. As for your focus question, well in an admission of one of the not so hot things about the camera the manual focus ring is pretty poor. If you’re used to manual focus on dslrs/slr/older/rangefinder cameras then it’s going to feel very disconnected. The ring turns freely enough but the focus point moves rather slowly, making going from infinity focus to up close a very long process. That being said it does allow you to zoom the electronic viewfinder in to ensure pin sharp focus. Plus the currently agreed work around is that even in manual focus mode the user can press an AF button on the camera rear (which is handily near the right thumb position), this forces the camera to auto-focus. The user can then tweak focus from here, so the camera gets you close and you can confirm. Kind of like using AF lenses with full time manual focus override.
      It’s a quirky little beast but for me it’s very endearing and has beautiful image quality for such a small package. I love mine.

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