The old world in a new light.

The old world in a new light., originally uploaded by bang*.

Day 148 / 365

So it has been a busy 24 hours on the blog. A very interesting debate has begun and I’ll be honest it has me thinking more and more about my work. I guess that is where todays shot comes from, seeing my old thoughts and feelings in a new light. Or seeing them with regards others feeling and philosophies on photography.

Stop by the blog and join in if you wish, there’s already plenty to get your mind ticking over.

Olympus PEN (E-pl2) Lumix 20mm f1.7

5 thoughts on “The old world in a new light.

  1. I just got the E-LP1 with 15-42mmm and 40-150mm lenses for $550, so not bad, Though the E-LP2 has a a much nicer set of controls, and looks cooler. What do you think of it? I have looked at the Lumix 20mm pancake, but would prefer a 17mm pancake for a 35mm quivalent.

    Very Nice Photo btw.

    • I really really like the camera, the newer model camera is a little better looking but essentially you’ll be getting the same image out of it so you’re well set. The 20mm pancake is by far and away best lens out there for micro 4/3 at the moment (in my opinion one of the top 5 lenses I’ve used on any system of camera) the Lumix 14mm f2.5 is nowhere near as nice or as well built and to me was a big let down after the 20mm. However to tell you the truth it’s looking as though after all my kind words and love for the Olympus PEN cameras I’m about to let mine go in order to keep the Fuji X100 I’ve been lucky enough to use the last two weeks. For me it fits my personal way of working better than the Olympus does, it lets me take greater control with ease and keeps me more engaged with my creative process. It’s a personal thing I guess, I’d still recommend the PEN’s to people over the x100 though which may sound odd but for shear value for money for most people the Olympus system beats the Fuji X100.
      Enjoy the camera, it should serve you well.

      • I like the design of the E-LP2 better as well, however the price point for the E-LP1 with the two lens kit the deal breaker. Since the cameras are essentially the same inside, and only differ in controlablility (Kudos E-LP2 for bringing back the control dial) I went for the $550 dollar E-LP1 kit for the heck of it.

        It wasn’t intended to replace my main camera, it only was intended to be an alternative for conditions where a huge black camera might be frowned upon. I am not familar with the X100, but will check it out.

        Enjoy your camera!

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  3. Hi, I couldn’t find anywhere else to post this. Freshly pressed does earn someone a lot of traffic! 🙂 It was through there that I chanced upon this photoblog, and I think it’s awesome. I love how you pair each photograph with elaboration, or a quote, or a personal memo of sorts. I’m not photographer, but I love literature. And I think your pictures have a way of opening up a whole new world to viewers, just like books do. Cheers! 🙂

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